Anyone can write code but not all code is useable and maintainable. Our software is based on high quality code

We offer professional development services for desktop, web and mobile platforms with good knowledge in many industries

Our services is offered worldwide with the same domestic high-quality workmanship

Let’s discuss your needs, the challenges you'll encounter and then develop a perfect application!

We have years of expertise in software development

We have solid competence and technical know-how

We provide continuous support and maintenance of our solutions

We offer a flexible development methodology and project scope of your choice


Supernova Technology AB | Brainville

Supernova is a Swedish software corporate with the variety of clients within different industries. Our success is built on lasting partnerships and client satisfaction. Among the specialists at Supernova you find ambitious, passioned and talented developers with years of experience as well as knowledge of technology and industry. With us you prioritize competence over speed knowing we always deliver the product within budget and time schedule.

Supernova offers development of sophisticated software intended to meet the customers unique needs. Along side with custom software development, we also provide software maintenance and configurations. So whatever your needs, we are the qualified team to hire for your project. We can provide secure, fast, intellectual and interactive software. We offer high quality and good performance regardless of your needs.